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Geting creative

You have found a dress that you love, but it needs substantial changes. It could be a new or vintage dress. Possibly a gown your mother, grandmother or aunt wore. Fit may not even be the problem, you just want to change the style, or add or remove elements. 


Fitting or Consultation

When you first contact Isabel's Designs describe or send photos of what you are hoping to change on your dress. If needed, I can book a consultation fitting well in advance of your wedding to see the dress in person and let you know what can or can't be done. At the first fitting, I will give you an estimate on all alterations/changes. If extra fabric/notions need to be purchased you may be asked to give a deposit at this time.


Subsequent and Final Fitting

When a dress is being changed dramatically we usually need more than two fittings. You will need to bring your wedding shoes to all of your fittings to set and check the length.
It is a good idea to take before and after pictures for keepsake purposes, especially if it was your mother's dress. 

"If you don't already know, Isabel has done alterations for high end wedding dress shops. She is experienced, talented, and kind. She made alterations to my wedding gown and it was incredibly well done!"
Meagan Slingerland

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